CrowdRating’s EIS & SEIS Investment Calculator BETA

Illustrating the impact of EIS and SEIS on your investments and returns

Welcome to our Calculator. We always wanted to have a calculator that made it easy to work out what tax reliefs you may be able claim. And to get an idea of what returns you might make on your investments when you use EIS or SEIS. So we built one!

We hope you enjoy using it, as much as we do.

This is a beta version of the full calculator we will be launching soon, so please send us any comments you have so we can make the final version really great.

Alex Heath and Modwenna Rees-Mogg, Founders of CrowdRating

How to use this Calculator

1.    Gather information on your investment and tax bills
2.    Fill in the boxes below
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NOTE: This calculator is for straightforward tax scenarios. If you have complex tax affairs you should consult a Tax Adviser



You can also claim tax relief on last year’s tax bill. How much extra do you want to invest and use against last year’s tax bill?


This year:
Last year:
CGT relief is treated differently for SEIS and EIS. For SEIS you get Reinvestment Relief and for EIS you get Deferral Relief.

If you do not have any CGT to pay, ignore this section.

SEIS CGT Reinvestment Relief                        EIS CGT Deferral Relief
CGT bill this tax year:
Previous EIS investment:

Current marginal rate of CGT e.g. 28%

Total capital gains you want to defer:

Disclaimer is owned and operated by Wheatfromchaff Limited (trading as Crowdrating) in the United Kingdom for illustrative purposes only.   It should NOT be relied upon by users for computation of specific SEIS or EIS tax liability in respect of any one or a portfolio of investments.
This calculator is based on the rules for SEIS and EIS in place as at January 2016.  Users should note that these rules are subject to change at any time. Whilst Wheatfromchaff Ltd will use its best endeavours to ensure that the calculator is updated if the rules change, it makes no guarantee that it will do so.
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Any income tax, capital gains or other tax relief will depend on personal circumstances and, if any person is unsure of his or her own potential tax liabilities or what tax reliefs may be available to him or her then he or she should seek professional advice from a qualified tax adviser. Taxation treatment depends on the individual circumstances of the investor and may change in the future.  Users accept that this is a general and illustrative calculator only and therefore may not be able to make calculations that suit your personal circumstances.
In particular the calculator does NOT take into account the following:

Potential investors are recommended to seek independent advice from an investment adviser authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, and an appropriately qualified taxation adviser, before investing.
Investors seeking to take advantage of tax relief in prior years are encouraged to invest in such a way that they give time for an investment programme to conclude by the end of the current tax year (usually 5th April).
If you invest you may receive back less that they invested as investments may fall as well as rise in value. Investors should obtain independent advice based on their own circumstances before making investment decisions. By using this calculator you are bound by the foregoing limitations.
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